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Celtic Wrought Iron Beds
Wrought iron beds are fancy and fashionable, so many people prefer them when they refurbish their homes. This is perfectly understandable, if we think about the gorgeous models wrought iron can be shaped into. Imagination and creativity play a major role in such beds design. Furniture manufacturers hire the best designers and workers, so they come on the market with unique models, in order to attract a more select clientele.

Wrought Iron Beds Models
The Gothic wrought iron beds are smaller imitations of the Gothic style used in architecture, mainly at churces and cathedrals. They smell like Renaissance, the age of romance, creativity and great artists in all domains of activity. Colors of these wrought iron beds are antique white, black or pewter. The castings are shaped with special molds contianing lines and little bumps which give a special charm to these creations.
The Mulberry and Lagan canpoy bed give a special elegance to the entire bedroom. Exquisite spirals can create an artistic effect and a charming touch.
The Sneem model is an iron bed dating back to 1918 when it was first made, a copy of this bed design can be found in many movies and tv series.
The "Celtic" design stems from a fisrt letter of a word in a story as found in the Book of Kells.
Whatever style you may prefer, the choice of an elegant bedroom can be made with the help of a wrought iron bed from Celtic Beds, LLc..